Episode EVC-100R-WHLA Volume Control


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Episode Electronics 100 Watt, Rotary Volume Control, with Midi White & Light Almond Wall Plates The only rotary volume control you need to stock. At this price, you may not expect this level of build quality…or interchangeable color components…or 100W power handling. But you get them all. New New Depth Measuring only 2-9/16″ from the plate to the back of the unit, we’ve eliminated any junction box fit issues. New New Location for the Impedance Switch No need to remove the volume control from within wall to change the settings. Simply remove the knob and Decora Strap plate to access the impedance matching switch. New New Power Handling Improved Power Handling with high grade windings, deep varnish auto-formers that offer better power handling and improved frequency response Removable tool-less connectors – No screwdriver required Just insert the stripped wire and snap the connector closed for a secure, reliable connection. Accommodates up to 14 gauge wire. Impedance multiplier switch Run up to 8 pairs of speakers with volume controls from a single stereo amplifier. Just set the multiplier switch to the proper setting and your amplifier is protected from dangerous load conditions while maintaining a full 12 steps of volume control. Interchangeable White / Light Almond Components We’ve included the two most popular colors being used today for quick and easy color change of the knob, Decora-style insert and Midi Wall plate. 100 Watt Continuous power rating Why stock 30W or 60W volume controls and pay a premium for other brands’ “high-power” 100 watt volume controls? Stock a single, affordable volume control for all of your applications.


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