RCA RCU1010 Universal 9 Device Touch Screen Remote Control


Manufacturer’s Part # RCU1010RF
This product is Brand New.Experience the ultimate in control with the RCA RCU1010RF 9-device LCD touchscreen learning remote.

Designed with a built-in RF transmitter, this remote comes preprogrammed with the most popular codes. It offers customizable keys and quick access keys to provide easy access to the most used commands. Perfect for any home entertainment system, it works for most brands of TV, VCR, DVD, Sat/cable, and audio components.

This unique universal remote control transmits commands to your entertainment system with both IR and RF signals simultaneously. RF transmissions allow this remote to operate up to 9 components in your home entertainment system without direct line of sight. RF signals transmit up to 100 feet/30.5 meters* — through walls, floors, ceilings, even to your patio outdoors! The Universal Learning Remote with Touchscreen and Built-in RF Transmitter offers the ultimate in control and flexibility for your home entertainment system. *Up to 100 feet/30.5meters, dependent upon home construction. The RCU1010RF includes one universal learning remote with touchscreen and a remote sender cone.

Features include:

  • Preprogrammed with the most popular codes
  • Fully EL backlit including hard keys
  • Expanded code library
  • This product is Brand New and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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  • Universal remote controls up to 9 components
  • Includes most popular brands of TVs, cable/satellite set-top boxes, DVD players, CD players, and more
  • Learning functionality allows keys to be customized and upgraded
  • Virtual keypad displays only the keys required to operate the device
  • Quick access keys provide easy access to the most used commands


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