Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable Remote with Color Touch Screen


Logitech Harmony 900 lets you put your home-entertainment equipment behind walls or cabinet doors using RF (radio frequency) technology. Just place the simple-to-install IR blaster and mini blasters near the equipment you want to control to turn RF signals into IR commands your devices understand. Once you’re set up, the full-color touch screen lets you see only the controls you need and start your entertainment with just one touch. You can replace up to 15 other remotes. And our software finds the control codes for your equipment from our online database of more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices.

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  • Complete RF wireless technology lets you control out-of-sight devices hidden neatly away behind cabinet doors from up to 100-feet away.
  • Full-color touch screen for simple one-touch access to your favorite channels and activities, like “Watch a DVD” or “Listen to music”
  • Sculpted backlit buttons in logical zones for easy entertainment control even in the dark
  • Recharging dock eliminates the hassle of searching for and replacing batteries
  • Replaces up to 15 remotes with universal control of virtually any home entertainment component


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